The Corporate Culture of Samsung

Samsung, as a successful multinational company, has been a household name for over a decade. Moreover, strong business also has their typical corporate culture. Back to Samsung, there is no doubt that family takes a significant position and has the main power. Additionally, Kim Sang-jo, head of Solidarity for Economic Reform, said that“Why can’t Samsung make a product like iPhone? It is because of its regimented, top-down approach to decision-making, which could bring a future crisis.” (Oliver, 2010) Therefore, we can find out that Eiffel Tower culture also take place in Samsung. Finally, in my opinion, family culture and Eiffel Tower culture are two prevalent cultures in Samsung.

The relationship between employees and management could be identified as formal structure, which means high level of bureaucracy and hierarchy. Moreover, in Samsung, it is important that who get the job done . We can see clearly from the following example. “I think elsewhere top managers respect their chief designer’s decision, but at Samsung, they overrule designers and have the final say about what design we go with. That limits our capability. To be better than a good fast follower, Samsung needs a more horizontal culture and to empower designers.” (Worstall, 2012) Employees and even a chief designer cannot have some autonomy to make decisions. Based on this formal relationship, Samsung will limit their employees’ capability in the future.

If Family culture and Eiffel Tower culture are two pillars of the corporate culture in Samsung, we will find out that attitude of employees and employers towards authority could be identified as centralized management, which means planning and decision-making will be concentrated within a particular group. Moreover, everybody knows their role or position during their working time. One recent example of that top-heavy command structure came less than a fortnight before the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S III smartphone in May, when vice chairman Choi Gee-sung ordered half a million blue phone cases to be thrown away as the design, with thin, silver stripes, was unsatisfactory, according to a person familiar with the matter. (Worstall, 2012) Therefore, there is no doubt that Samsung is implementing their centralized management, which influenced by the Family culture and Eiffel Tower culture.

Because of the Family culture and Eiffel Tower culture, it is clearly that management by subjective in Samsung could be implemented by company to judge person is motivated and rewarded or not. Additionally, based on this condition, people should get the work done in the way that satisfies the corporation objectives or personal perspectives. If employees is working on their position, It implies that company are being  more attractive to them and earn high amount of trust from them. Nowadays, Samsung provide flexible time program, good work life balance and welfare program to motivate and reward employees. This incentive mechanism will enhance the innovation ability for a long period.

Overall, I hope that Samsung could release some authority to employees and rebuilding a creative organizational structure. For a long run, it will be helpful for Samsung to foster some genius and build a dynamic working environment.

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